The New Discovery Sport inspired installation kicks off the first leg of its world tour at London’s Southbank on 14th October. The unique seven metre tall steel and glass fibre sculpture is the product of a unique collaboration between Nino Mustica and Land Rover's Design Director, Gerry McGovern.

"Unstoppable Spirit is about the fusion between automotive design and contemporary art," says Mustica, who has a studio in Milan. "As an artist I am able to work in the abstract with full creative freedom, however the Discovery Sport is a piece of industrial design that must be both versatile and beautiful. This work is a fascinating exploration of how these worlds collide and interact."

To achieve the intricate curved surfacing requested by Mustica and McGovern, an innovative production technique was developed using Land Rover's virtual reality cave, a process normally reserved for the development of prototype cars.

"Our team at Land Rover understands that art and design are central to the creation of highly desirable vehicles that resonate on an emotional level. I believe art and design enrich people's lives in all their manifestations. That's why I'm proud to be revealing Unstoppable Spirit in such an iconic location at London's Southbank Centre." – Gerry McGovern Land Rover's Design Director and visiting professor at Royal College of Art.